Top 8 Dangerous Causes of Distracted Driving

The ability to successfully multitask while driving is something everyone wants for different reasons as well. Imagine being able to catch up with a friend on the passenger seat or on the phone, update all of your social media, eat your breakfast all at once is overwhelming.

You no longer have to worry about receiving cell phone tickets in Las Vegas too. This is exactly why many people long to have self-driving cars. But while that option is still inaccessible for the majority of the population, staying focused on the road is the best way to avoid not just being ticketed but also getting involved in accidents.

Things you must avoid doing while driving

1. Drinking Any Type of Beverage

Alcohol isn't the only drink you should avoid if you hate paying for distracted driving or cell phone ticket cost. Even just a sip of water requires letting go of the wheel, tilting your head back, unscrewing the bottle cap, and completely obstructing your vision.

2. Wearing Your Earbuds

Covering your ears simply isn't a good idea while driving. Your earbuds will not only take your minds off the road but will also disrupt your hearing. Law firms like Traffic Ticket Las Vegas believe you can miss some traffic signals like the sound of an ambulance, the sound of the train, and other vehicles around you.

3. Eating

For many people, it can be tough to enjoy their lunchtime, especially in this fast-paced world. But eating means your other hand will be preoccupied with the food and could be a serious driving distraction.

4. Grooming Yourself

Even just a quick look in the rearview mirror to fix your hair could be an accident waiting to happen. In those seconds you take to comb your hair, a speeding car could eventually crash into you.

5. Taking a Phonecall

An experienced lawyer for a cell phone ticket will say that talking through your phone, even when using a hands-free device, could be fatal. In some places, it's illegal to hold a mobile phone while driving and rightfully so. Paying close attention to your phone conversation means paying a little less attention to everything else around you, including the road.

6. Too Many Distracting Passengers

Your passenger is your responsibility, every driver is far too familiar with that line. But you should also be familiar with how distracting some passengers can get. Imagine being bombarded with pictures, music, and other information from their phones. Or even those who talk too much and too loudly. Don't be afraid to tell them to quiet down for everyone's safety.

7. Money Can Also Cause Accidents

If you're afraid of paying a fine for texting and driving, you can be sure that you're not alone on this one. But did you know that reaching for your wallet while driving is extremely dangerous? This is because you'll have to wiggle and shift around to reach it. It's even worse if it's in your purse because you'll have to dig around before you find it.

8. Texting and Driving

One of the most common causes of driving accidents is texting. As someone who has passed a driving school, you should know that it takes hand-eye coordination to drive. It only takes a matter of seconds for an accident to happen, that's approximately the time it takes to send a text. Receiving a distracted driving ticket isn't the worst thing that can happen.

Each driver is capable of letting his guard down for a moment to respond to a text, grab something in his bag, take a sip of water, or answer a phone call. And although avoiding cell phone tickets in Las Vegas is a goal everyone should start working on, avoiding distracted driving altogether should be the very baseline.